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mobile printing

If you have a document that needs to be printed, you can email it to


Use the subject line: “Print” and attach the items to be printed.

In the text of the email please include the following information:

Your name, number of copies, black & white OR color prints, and when you will pick up the print job.

Black and white prints are 0.10/page and color are 0.25/page.

Please be advised, your privacy is important to us. Print jobs will not be released until the patron is

present to pick up and pay for them. After printing your document, all emails will be deleted.

If you are unable to come into the library building for any reason, please contact us at 412-922-6877, and

we will work with you to make reasonable accommodations so that you may collect your documents.

Please note: The PRINCH Mobile Printing service is no longer available as the use did not justify the cost.

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